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Personalized Solutions to Help Your Business Run More Efficiently

We audit existing technology and systems and find ways to better match them to your company’s processes.

Optimize Your Business Processes

Is your company wasting time on manual processes? Do your employees guess on lead times? Is your data siloed from various departments?
Efficient day-to-day operations can make a huge impact on your business. Better employee productivity, saved money and resources, and more accessible data are just a few of the results you can expect to see from optimizing your business processes.
Let Omega Digital Solutions help your business to reach new heights in efficiency. Our experienced team will evaluate the current technology and systems in place and find ways to optimize them.
Your business will run better, simpler, faster, and more efficiently.

Solutions We’ve Provided

See how we’ve helped a variety of industries optimize their processes and systems to better run their business.

Commercial Real Estate

Creating monthly reports caused duplicate data and took too much time to fix
Developed an automated script that performed the same task in 57 seconds.

General Contractor

No systemic sales process in place to handle new leads
Implemented a new CRM and trained staff on how to use it. Pipeline tripled in 7 months to $6M!

Marketing Agency

No easy way to track billable hours
Designed and deployed a self-updating dashboard that's always current.


Sales team guessing at lead times due to not having a clear view of inventory and production plan
Used RFID to create a pull system and imported the inventory data to the CRM


Client data tracked on paper and their CRM and POS did not sync to provide complete customer view
Corrected sync issue and deployed mobile solution so everyone has access to all customer information across all locations

Pet Services

Highly manual sales process leading to weeks-long closing cycles
Solution: Redesigned sales process and eliminated 3 steps. Used automation to shorten closing cycle to two-day average
What will YOUR solution look like?

Business Process Optimization Consulting Services

We can help with a wide variety of services to help transform your work and make your life easier, such as:
Don’t see what you need listed above? We can still help. Schedule an appointment to discuss your process improvement needs with our team.

Not even sure what you need? Let us take a look at how you currently operate and propose a personalized solution that will make your work more productive.

3 Steps to a Leaner, More Advanced Business

Are you ready to help your business run more efficiently? Let’s get started.
Schedule a free 1-hour assessment.
We will discuss what problems you’re facing and make recommendations on how to fix it. You can keep our ideas even if you don’t work with us.
Map your current and future states.
We’ll identify bottlenecks, see where improvements need to be made, and split the work into manageable funnels.
Automate, optimize, and innovate work processes.
We’ll take our roadmap and find the best ways to get you from point A to point B. We figure out what solutions work best for YOUR company.

Need Help NOW?

Are you struggling with a specific problem right now? Reach out to us at and let us know what issue you’re facing. One of our techs will get back to you with a solution by the end of the next business day. You can keep the advice whether you work with us or not.

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