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It doesn’t necessarily matter what industry your company is in – you’re likely experiencing inefficiencies in the way you manage and operate your business. This is not to say you’re alone.

More than 90% of companies in the US struggle to implement technology in a way that can maximize how their business runs.

When you consider that 99.9% of all businesses are small – 500 employees or less – its not hard to figure out who’s having the struggles.

Unfortunately, it’s one thing to know it, and entirely another to actually take proactive steps to rectify it. Simply put, not everyone knows where to begin. Whether you’re the COO reviewing operations performance or you’re a retail-shop struggling to track inventory, odds are you’re at a loss over the data.

And more than likely, you’re not entirely sure what that data even means or where it’s located.

This isn’t to say you’re not running your company to the best of your ability.

In this digital age, you have to be a skilled analyst to track down and generate your own comprehensive reports. More than likely, that doesn’t exactly fit your priority list of tasks. Not many business owners have the time to learn yet another skill.

But that’s where Omega Digital Solutions comes in. We make businesses run simple.


By working one-on-one with each client, we create a unique solution that is built to improve your operation based on your individual technology needs.

From software solutions, customer relations management support, and various automation tactics, we’re able to help your business blossom without passing you a hefty bill. Ultimately, it’s our goal to help you leverage the right technology alongside the technology you already have.

To do this, Omega Digital Solutions works alongside company teams and departments to identify the gaps in your operations. We developed a method for categorizing the software at each step of your customer’s journey.  That keeps the focus where it should be – on the client.

Swapping Products for Best-in-Class Service


One of the ways we help clients is by analyzing their current software setup and determining which items are outdated, redundant, or just unnecessary. By starting with a complete assessment of your technology footprint, we can better develop a specific strategy that identifies the gaps that need closing before your company can be set for success.

Our process creates a map that shows which systems need to talk to what (and what’s not talking), when it needs to happen, and how to get it done. Then we connect the pathways using manual or 3rd part integrations like Integromat or Skyvia, or even utilize a native integration built by the producing company. From there we shift focus to the internal user.  Who actually interfaces with these systems and what is the best way to deliver them the data they need?

The goal for tech mapping is to look for opportunities to eliminate unnecessary software and save companies the subscription cost (and On-the-Job learning curve).


Moreover, it helps us to eliminate as much manual entry as possible. Finally, the last step is to put automation in place where we can’t eliminate steps.  Elimination > Automation.  Fewer steps mean fewer things to break and fewer things to pay for.

Our process is far more thorough than other so-called ‘tech stack audits’ primarily because other organizations only complete the first 20% of the process.  We take a holistic approach to your entire business; the few competitors that do something similar are hyper-focused on marketing – and that’s it!   Rather than pass on the list to you to tackle, we take a hands-on approach that includes training current staff on how best to navigate each workflow.

Does it work?  YES, and across verticals too!  We helped a general contractor triple their opportunities in 7 months.  A non-profit saved 63% ($12,000) on their annual tech spend.  But don’t take our word for it – check out our results page and decide for yourself.

Have questions about what services we offer?

One of the benefits of us being a small business like you is that you’re not stuck on the line waiting for a canned response. Instead, we utilize our team of specialists to help you overcome your operational challenges - even the ones you didn’t know you had.
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