What is Active Campaign?

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– And is it right for my business?


There are a ton of email automation platforms on the market today, but how do you know which one to choose and what features fit your needs?

The trick is knowing what the differences are and how they can help your marketing efforts.

Active Campaign simplifies how your company can communicate with your audience (and how well it performs)


At Omega Digital Solutions, we care about automation. Like, a lot.  And we care about reports and data analytics more than most people. Quite simply, we’ve found that Active Campaign is the best there is at both of these things. Honestly, we’ve switched to it four months ago and I’m still marveling at its capabilities.

Three things that got our attention:


  • The ease of integrations (like how well programs sync like Calendly, WordPress, Salesforce, are just a few to name. )
  • Simple to use internal email automations
  • Probably the best email automation platform for Shopify

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One of our favorite features of Active Campaign is how they tackle integrations.  With just a couple of clicks, you can be integrated into Calendly and WordPress.  Our last Active Campaign client had a nearly complete marketing stack when they contacted us; the relevant parts included Salesforce Essentials, Calendly, and a WordPress site with Gravity Forms.  When we evaluated email providers, it was a no-brainer – Active Campaign integrated with Calendly and Gravity Forms with ease and allowed them to seamlessly connect their systems.

Needless to say, our client was thrilled. It allowed anyone who made an appointment on their website to automatically sync as a Lead in Salesforce. Additionally, it added the contact to the appropriate lists in Active Campaign, and then each new contact was automatically dropped into a marketing drip campaign.  That allowed our client to reap the benefits of efficiency without the price tag that usually comes along with it.

Even for when your game is retail

“For many of our client cases, Active Campaign has shown significant promise as a workhorse of an email and marketing automation service.”

With the rise in e-commerce companies – or even shops just expanding their online presence – Active Campaign’s Shopify integrations are a snap.  All the data you could ever need will be in your email contact list, along with easy ways to segment your customer for targeted marketing efforts.   This is invaluable for direct-to-consumer companies who need to target everyday people when they’re paying the most attention.

As we’ve expanded our personal experience with the Active Campaign platform, we have been impressed with what we’ve seen so far. For many of our client cases, Active Campaign has shown significant promise as a workhorse of an email and marketing automation service. Their tiers are budget-friendly and allow for growth in your market. Plus, we could all use a little less manual entry (I mean, who has time for that anyway?).

But don’t take our word for it – check out their website and see if it fits your needs. We think it does, but ultimately it comes down to you. Luckily, if you have questions on HOW to use some of these features, that is something we can directly answer. Just give us a call and find out if Active Campaign can be the answer you’ve been looking for

Marcus Blair

Marcus Blair

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