Why Have an Ecommerce Website?

Why Have an Ecommerce Website?

As a small business owner, you may be asking yourself, “Why should I have an e-commerce website?”
In today’s digital world, having an e-commerce store to sell your products online is more important than ever. More and more people are buying products and services online instead of visiting a physical store.
With an ecommerce site, you can reach people where they are and increase sales for your business.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have An E-Commerce Website

Increased Brand Awareness & Reach

Selling your products online will help your business expand to new markets and reach new people who might otherwise not be aware of your brand. Instead of being confined to a regional presence, your store can reach people throughout the world.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Your e-commerce store will give you the ability to collect information on visitors and customers, so you can market to them directly.
When someone buys a product, you’ll have information on what they bought, how much they spent, and what products you offer that pique their interest. You can use this information to send targeted marketing campaigns to help influence future purchases and improve the customer experience.

Cost Saving

Starting an e-commerce store is significantly less expensive than opening a physical shop. You’ll likely save money on payroll because your online store will be doing a lot of the work that an employee would typically do. Digital advertising is also typically cheaper than traditional forms of advertising such as print, billboards, tv, radio, etc. Email marketing, paid advertising, and SEO are ways to reach your target audience online and communicate how what you offer fits their needs.

Open For Business 24/7

With an e-commerce store, customers will be able to shop your products all hours of the day and night. Instead of being confined to the hours of an open brick and mortar store, your customers can find what they need at the most convenient time for them.

Run Your Business from Anywhere

Instead of being confined to your physical store, you can run an online store from anywhere. With a great internet connection, you can view orders, answer customer questions, and check inventory levels. Work from your couch, a coffee shop, or even the beach and still see orders come in!

Let Omega Digital Solutions Build Your E-Commerce Website

Now that you see the benefits of an online store, you likely need help getting started. This is where Omega Digital Solutions comes in.
Business owners trust our extensive software expertise to create the most advanced and effective Shopify sites.
We build specific applications for your business to automate processes and integrate data seamlessly.
We support your entire operation—online and offline.

Ecommerce Solutions

Our goal at Omega Digital is to take complicated business problems and turn them into simple solutions using right-sized technology. Our solutions always lead back to the same result: point, click, done.
We will help your e-commerce technology work for YOUR business. Our tailored solutions will save you time, increase your revenue, and get you home on the weekend.
We can help your business with:

Shopify Websites

We build the most advanced and effective Shopify sites that are designed to increase your revenue.
Shopify is known as the “one platform with all the ecommerce and point of sale features you need to start, run, and grow your business.”
Learn more about why we choose Shopify as our trusted e-commerce platform.

Technology Audits

We’ll take a look at all the technology systems you have in place and recommend ways to change or improve them so that they work better for you.

Inventory Control

We help automate and improve inventory control systems so that there’s less manual work for you. You can trust that our solutions are effective and give you more time back in your day.

Marketing Automation

Once we build your Shopify site, we can help with marketing automation, including shipping notifications, product reviews, lead nurturing campaigns, and more. This will help save you time AND make sure your prospects and customers are well informed throughout the product buying journey.

Multi-Channel Support

No matter how many different ways you offer your products (in-store, online, social media, etc.), we can integrate them all so they work together and give you the full picture on your sales channels.

Ongoing Operational Support

Our support doesn’t stop once we build the site and automate your processes. We will be there to help continually make things better. We want your small business to be successful, so we offer ongoing operational support for whatever you need.

And More!

Our support isn’t just limited to these items. We can support a wide variety of e-commerce needs. Not even sure what you need? Let us take a look at how you currently operate. We can propose a solution that’s tailor-made for you.

Get Started for Free Today

Schedule a FREE 15-minute call with the Omega Digital team. We will discuss what problems you’re facing and see if its a good fit for us to tackle. Seriously, keep our ideas even if you don’t work with us.  Let us help you turn complicated business problems into simple solutions.

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Marcus Blair

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